When people ask me what Phoot Camp is like, I sometimes struggle to put it into words. How can you explain something that just feels like you are in the best place you could be in your life?

But maybe this is the best way to describe it - adventures, sunrises, sunsets, kindred spirits, a shared love, and “Oh my god Stephanie that light looks beautiful on you, hold it riiiiiiiight there…”

I recently spent a fantastic 5 days in Montréal, Canada with the Explore Canada crew (@explorecanada) - including an epic 3 days at the Osheaga Festival… I have so many images I want to share from my time there, so to begin with here is a series taken at Osheaga :)

A little bit of exciting news! An image of mine shot in Iceland was chosen as the winner of the Travel category in the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards :)

Super happy and really honoured to have won, and also to have 3 honourable mentions in the People and Travel categories. I love shooting with my iPhone and sharing the images on Instagram, so am really bowled over right now :) Thanks you guys for following along, and for constantly inspiring me! <3